Digital Analytics & Insights
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Analytics & Insights

Precision Analytics, Big Picture Insights 



Decrease Friction

How can we reduce customer effort?  

How can we increase self care?  

What is driving repeat contacts? 


Increase Retention 

How can we identify at-risk customers? 

What is causing churn?  

How can we retain high value customers? 


Build Loyalty 

What are customer sentiment drivers?  

Where are frustrations across the customer journey?  

How can we proactively serve customers?  



Drive Revenue  

How can we improve conversion?  

What are the right target customers?  

Which offers will work best?  


Test Smarter  

How can we highlight risk areas? 

How can we focus test efforts?  

How do we prioritize bugs?  



Gain Insights, Drive Value 

Voice of the Customer 
Understand VOC trends and red flags 

Sentiment Analysis  
Identify spikes in keyword themes across channels 

Clickstream Analytics 
Visualize customer interaction flows, conversion effectiveness 

App Analytics  
Track growth campaigns, attribution and more  

Speech analytics and interaction insights  
Interaction analytics mine every conversation to take your customer experiences further, faster 


QA Analytics  

Increase speed to market with Risk-Based Testing 

Dynamic reporting for fact-based resource allocation 

Reduce manual reporting with automated reports