Design, Development & LiveOps
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Design, Development & LiveOps

Build, Launch, and Support Digital Products, Apps, and Platforms

We help you design, build and run digital products, applications, platforms using the latest technology stacks and most modern engineering processes.  We embed exceptional customer experience into every stage of the product lifecycle. 

Deep Digital Product Experience

We bring to bear our deep understanding of:

  • The evolution and importance of digital products and their feature sets
  • Customer expectations of digital products and experiences 
  • Designing and developing intuitive, fiction-free user interfaces
  • Back-end architectures and how to leverage cloud platforms and services
  • Deploying software, and a consistent and delightful experience, across digital and analog channels 

  • We also help maintain and run these products, applications, and platform with high level of automation and self-heal capabilities, while providing extraordinary levels of self-care to further enhance customer delight.  

    Exceptional Experiences, Product Excellence 

    Building digital products, applications, and platforms to achieve an exceptional experiences and product excellence.

    Exceptional Experiences 

  • Anytime, anywhere online access 
  • Omni-channel access to intuitive interfaces 
  • One-click / few clicks transaction & self-care 
  • Seamless interaction across channels 
  • High level of personalization  
  • High availability, scalability & performance 
  • Rapid release of new functionality 
  • Highly responsive Customer Support 

    Product Excellence 

  • Vast adoption, fast monetization   
  • Highly scalable & performant  
  • Modern technology stacks  
  • Agile, DevOps automation for continuous delivery of new features  
  • Deep insights from advanced analytics and AI/ML 
  • Seamless integration with apps, social media  
  • Fast turnaround for issue resolution  
  • High level of automation and self-care 


    Engineering Digital Product  Experiences 

    We have a spectrum of services to offer to any and all organisations that provide Digital products, regardless of where they are on the digital maturity journey, from newbie to highly digital organizations. 

    User Experience Design  
    Our multi-disciplinary approach embraces user journey mapping, interface design, usability, accessibility and information with the sole objective to deliver a great experience to your users. 

    Web App Development  
    Leverage our rich experience in building robust business applications using the industry leading standards to transfer the benefit of efficiencies and effectiveness to the clients.  

    Legacy Modernization 
    We help assess and roadmap your path modernization.  Migrate and remediate data to ensure a smooth transition to a modern architecture and technology stack.  Our technicians can then help you SaaS-ify your legacy product lines.   

    Cloud Enablement 
    We help you set up a highly effective cloud environment to host IT infrastructure and resources, including software, applications and workloads to help transform and modernize your business.  

    Mobile App Development  
    We build cross-platform and native mobile apps to create exceptional digital experiences at every touch point.   We design our apps with modularity and a scalable architecture so that they can be easily integrated with their party systems. 

    App launch is the beginning, not the end, of the software development journey. We provide a comprehensive and scalable solution for operating live services, which optimizes user engagement and revenue flow. Post-launch we help run platform and applications with high level of automation and self-heal capabilities, while providing extraordinary levels of self-care to further enhance customer delight.