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Digital Assurance

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Testing the functionality of the product has radically evolved from the days when it entailed getting involved at the end of the product development cycle. Software testing needs to be more integrated now and work as a partnering function that closely interweaves with development.  

Internet of things, mobility solutions, social networking and ease of information availability have collectively made a plethora of options available to the customers. This has resulted in low tolerance threshold and rapid spread of news, especially bad news. Bad user experience is now more likely to hamper brand loyalty than before, while a positive user experience is more likely to help accelerate company’s growth prospects.  

This has shifted the focus of testing and quality assurance services towards improving the user experience and making it seamless across platforms, channels, and devices. GlobalStep, with years of experience in testing, provides end-to-end testing solutions made efficient through our accelerators and effective through our refined testing strategies.  

Our services include test process consulting, end-to-end life-cycle testing, and check-point based independent testing interventions at critical milestones of product or application development cycle. We also aid in identifying opportunities to use automated test methodologies for faster go-to-market or for ensuring stability and scalability of applications through adequate performance measurement criteria. 

Software Testing that Drives Business Value

  • Large pool of world-class testing professionals 
  • Access to secure testing lab facilities 
  • Expertise on mobile platforms 
  • Variety of mobile devices available in labs 
  • Industry specific solution accelerators  
    • Lifecycle Testing Services
    • Test Consulting
    • Automation Engineering
    • Performance Testing
    • QA Engineering
    • Overview
    • Core Testing Capabilities


    Companies world over are realizing the importance of testing their applications and products at every stage of the development, which is rightly called the "Life-cycle Testing". It has helped evolve worldwide practice of testing and consequently greatly improved the quality of applications.  

    To avoid the pressures of testing in the penultimate phase of development, GlobalStep provides a "Left-Shift" testing service which allows the testing analysts to be seamlessly engaged with the development team from as early as the requirements gathering phase in order to determine the testability of the requirements. This helps in early identification, and consequently early resolution, of performance and quality risks.  

    GlobalStep’s life-cycle testing services assist companies in end-to-end testing spanning through the product development cycle across industry verticals. These companies benefit through accelerated testing solutions, improved automation and accuracy, shortened time to market and reduced cost of quality through streamlined practices. 

    Core Testing Capabilities

    • Functionality – GlobalStep’s functionality testing assists clients in aligning the product with its business purpose and objective by ensuring that it seamlessly and efficiently provides the functionality that it was originally designed to provide. The service performs end to end functional test to ensure that the application behaves as per user expectations. Our methodology introduces testing quite early in the SDLC and helps identify and resolve issues early. Functional testing also involves other facets of testing as well as designing and performing regression tests, system tests or integrated tests across various components.. 

    • Compatibility – This is where GlobalStep can help clients design and execute tests across various platforms and applications on their most recent versions, and provide them with an assurance that the product will work seamlessly. In today’s scenario where products, platforms and devices are rapidly releasing updated versions, it is a necessity for the clients to ensure that their applications behave consistently across a variety of devices or platforms. GlobalStep has a wide range of device configurations (OS/browser/mobiles) that it leverages to perform compatibility testing. 

    • Globalization – With so many products and applications now requiring access across the globe, GlobalStep can help companies get the assurance of seamless and consistent global experience of their application while retaining the unique local touch as required. Our large  pool of language experts also assist in executing language specific translations and functionality testing to ensure that localizations retain their individuality without losing the global objective, vision and experience of the application. 

    • Accessibility – Socially aware companies not only cater to their mainstream customers but also take sufficient care of the marginal differently-abled customers of their products and services. This goes a long way in establishing your brand as a company with a conscience. Accessibility, however, is not limited to disability of any sort; rather it drives the product design to assist even the users with poor communication network, older people and new users, consumers using non-standard devices and so on. GlobalStep, through a variety of tools and checklists, helps you achieve compliance with global standards of accessibility. 

    • User Experience – End user experience is one of the most critical factors that ultimately decide the success or failure of the application. It does not matter how well the product is tested or designed, if the end user cannot connect with the experience of using the product or navigating the application. Considering the importance of user experience, GlobalStep has a dedicated team that helps companies ensure that the end users of their product and service get a consistent and desirable user experience across channels. 

    • User Acceptance Testing – This is a key and penultimate phase of development life cycle where the end users and / or customers test the application to confirm whether it meets its objective and implements all the functionality expected from it as detailed in the user requirements matrix. GlobalStep can help clients get additional hands to perform such User Acceptance Tests and get an assurance that enables them to take a go/no go decision. 



    Business Value 

    • Early identification of defects to reduce rework and Total Cost of Ownership 

    • Reduced "Time tTo Market" on new applications and products 

    • Improved productivity and reduced overall effort 

    • Getting it right "first time" 

    Test Consulting

    It is important that processes, functions and their respective tools and technologies that are used within an organization are aligned with the business objectives and aspirations. This is extremely critical for the success of the organization’s function and in-turn the organization itself because misaligned processes and technologies can never be effective, irrespective of the efficiency they bring to the table.  

    This is where GlobalStep’s robust methodology based on TMMI and TPI is used to perform the ‘As-Is’ assessment of organization’s testing processes. It helps answer important questions ranging from whether the organization is under-spending or over-spending to whether the spending is aligned to business objectives or not. The assessment identifies the gaps which highlight the possibility of business alignment at the process level.  

    Another consulting service provided by GlobalStep is a direct QA Strategy which takes a top down approach starting from the Business Objectives and drilling down to formulating the strategy. This refined strategy is then used to identify gaps between the existing processes and practices. This is then followed by last-mile change implementation of revamping the processes and related technologies. 

    Business Value 

    • Reduce total cost of ownership 

    • Standardize and optimize process set up that ensures scalability across business 

    • Set up robust measurement and reporting frameworks 

    • Reduce defect leakage 

    • Reduce testing tools licensing cost 

    Automation Engineering

    With the proliferation of advanced technology, competitive pressure and expectations of the customers who want projects delivered yesterday, organizations are under immense pressure to shorten development cycles under increasing cost constraints. Such pressure on time and cost has an immediate impact on the third parameter that defines the success of the project – Quality.  

    GlobalStep’s automation engineering service helps automate the testing process, which reduces manual intervention and accelerates testing. Improved automation also helps eliminate manual errors.  

    We assist clients in defining robust frameworks for test automation. The framework is designed with an objective of testing all the applications and products of an organization. Using Model Based Testing approach and scriptless connectors, integrated testing automation tool is customized to test the client application with significantly reduced manual intervention.  

    GlobalStep’s test automation framework uses multiple components to enable an end-to-end automation cycle. These components include Modelers, Engines, Libraries and Adaptors.  

    Additionally, solution accelerators used by GlobalStep help in not only automating but accelerating complex testing scenarios that integrate multiple applications across different platforms.  

    Business Value 

    • Reduce QA process turnaround 

    • Customizable automation frameworks using open source/commercial tools 

    • Perform QA optimally even under increased constraints of time and cost 

    • Shorter ‘Time to Market’  


    Performance Testing

    Depending on the type and utility of the product, it must be scalable enough to support very high traffic or at least a usage or demand that is a notch higher than its anticipated load. An online retailer for example should be capable of addressing shopping deluge during festival seasons or promotional weekends. Banking applications must also be geared up for addressing a surge in ATM demand or online withdrawals due to any political exigency.  

    The challenge is made tougher by the proliferation of technology platforms, rapidly upgrading versions, newer business models and sometimes unexpected events of global implications.  

    GlobalStep can help clients avoid this situation by forecasting their best possible demand curve, designing & executing load testing and stress testing scenarios to help them reduce the possibility of product breakdown under unusual surge in traffic. GlobalStep can also simulate load from different geographic locations to simulate user conditions and provide analysis reports.  

    GlobalStep tries to address some unique challenging scenarios as a part of this service. These challenges include:  

    • Testing non standard application protocols and platforms 

    • Festival / holiday readiness 

    • Highest estimated load possible  



    Business Value 

    • Improved end-user experience with improvement in performance 

    • Ensuring improved availability of systems 

    • Sustained positive brand image through good performance even under unusual situations 

    QA Engineering

    While a typical quality control engagement helps, it does not allow the full depth of QA capability to be realized because of the limited view of the engagement. This is where our QA engineering steps in and becomes a definite value add. But how? Our QA Engineers are engaged with the client from the inception and conceptualization stage of the product. They work closely with the designers and developers and introduce a perspective of quality from the very beginning, which then helps them convey the bigger picture to the quality control team executing a specific QA checkpoint intervention. 

    We are a leader in QA engineering, having helped a large variety of clients to run parallel quality strategy and execution. QA engineering consistently delivers value throughout the process of product development through: 

    • Build engineering, that helps automate faster  

    • Test scripting and execution to automate comprehensive and exhaustive testing 

    • Test frameworks for industry leading testing standards 

    • Test case management to modify the test cases to dynamically reflect the changing designs of the game 

    • Dashboards to present test results intuitively to assist the top management in decision making 

    • Third-party plug-ins to develop and / or test and enhance the game’s integration capabilities 

    Business value 

    • Early identification of possible defects 

    • Pre-empt certain defects due to increased involvement of QA from inception 

    • Lower overall development cost due to reduced defect correction towards the end of the development cycle