Game Development
Game Development

Game Development

Love and Respect for the Creative Process 

Whether we start at game concept or you come with your own IP or a set creative direction, we bring our love and respect for the creative process and deep technical skills developed over the last 15 years to deliver games that inspire. 

At GlobalStep, we offer a range of services using our global talent, creative experience and engineering prowess to deliver your games on time, on budget and at the highest levels of quality.

Our services incorporate four pillars of game development: 

Game Design

From storyboarding and concept art to game design documentation and environment and economy design, we help your game idea come to life with imagination, collaboration, and iteration. 

Art & Creative

When it comes time to create, we can help you level up.  We take time to understand your design requirements, technical specs, and overall vision.  We provide creative animation, UI/UX design, 2D concept art, illustrations, and objects; 3D modeling and 3D characters and objects; texturing; lighting and more. 

Sound Design

Our experts work together with your design and animation team to create rich audio, sound effects and spoken talent that fits the virtual experience being developed. We can also provide localized voice support.             


We can help write, test, and deploy the code to bring your games.  We provide cross-platform (console, mobile, web, Windows, macOS, cloud streaming) development, porting and adaptation. Our coders are gamer who craft emotions.  They have experience with all major game engines as well as virtual and augmented reality development. 

  • Cross-Platform Porting And Adaptation
  • Development Partner
  • Level Design & Game Economics

Cross-Platform Porting And Adaptation

Releasing a title on multiple platforms results in reaching a much broader audience. Many publishers are porting to PC and taking advantage of cutting-edge tech such as Nvidia DLSS, or porting to the Nintendo Switch which has been the top-selling gaming console.

Publishers are also releasing remasters with improving textures and more modern network features so fans can relive unforgettable moments in 4k, or developing entire remakes, unconstrained by dated technical limitations, to breathe new life into beloved franchises.

Our development team can successfully adapt and port your titles across PC, console, web, mobile, VR/AR/XR and streaming platforms. We have worked on behalf of many proprietary game engine publishers and take on challenging, unconventional projects.


Your Development Partner

Our co-development services include:   

  • Our UX/UI Designers will embed exceptional customer centricity into every stage of the software life cycle to ensure your next product has an intuitive UI and frictionless user experience.
  • Our Artists are specialized in 2D and 3D animation pipelines including sketching, modeling, texture & shading, character rigging, particle & FX, and lighting.
  • Our Front and Back-end Developers have expertise with the latest technology stacks and engineering processes, including best practices for unit testing, build automation, and continuous integration.
  • Our Software Development Engineers in Test (SDET)s will use an automation framework to script a range of tests including repetitive manual checks, load testing, and provide bespoke tools development to minimize the cost of manual QA. The SDETs can also assist with white box testing when a QA Analyst doesn’t have the required skill set.
  • Our team of QA Analysts are involved from the very start, applying methodologies such as risk-based testing to identify which cases to cover before authoring a comprehensive test suite for your product. They will participate in design meetings, daily SCRUM, and retrospectives to add a quality-first perspective to the broader group.


Level Design & Game Economics

We know how to motivate players and keep them engaged – and we know when to stretch their limits, without going over the edge. We believe that when you take the time to make a great level, it will make the journey you send players on that much better, and maximize sustainable, long-term monetization.  

We consider your audience, device, and context to avoid spikes and drops in difficulty and to avoid boredom.  We manage pace to properly challenge players and keep them entertained. We help test levels and provide counsel and guidance on adjustments that will increase player satisfaction and game revenue.  

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