Games & Interactive Entertainment

Bringing Immersive and Engaging Experiences to Life


"A game is a pure, immersive experience. It is a symphony of magical design, combining art, graphics, sound, and software to deliver a creative experience like no other." 
Gagan Ahluwalia, CEO, GlobalStep 

Specialized Skills for a Unique Digital Product 

At GlobalStep, we help turn your imagination into a compelling – and profitable – game.  Whether it is a mobile, PC, console, streaming, virtual or cross-platform experience, we can help you develop, launch, support, and sunset your game in all major markets across the globe.

For a decade and a half, we have applied our core capabilities in the highly specialized context of gaming to partner with the world's leading game companies. 

Our services are mapped to the full game development lifecycle to help your artisans, storytellers, and technical wizards create unforgettable moments.     



Game Design Success Paradigm

We believe bringing a game to life is a special craft. A game is the only software application in the world where the entirety of its functional utility is in the immersive digital experience it provides.

Bringing together art, sound and code, a game's objective is an engaging experience.  Its feature set needs to support that overall objective.