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GlobalStep to Double Operational Capacity in Pune Office

Pune, India | January 27th, 2016

GlobalStep is pleased to announce that we will be moving to our new office premises in the last weekend of January.  GlobalStep will be taking two floors in the E-Space IT Park in Pune and will be doubling its capacity to over 40,000 square feet.

Everyone at GlobalStep is very excited about the move, which reflects our rapid growth rate and our optimistic outlook for further growth opportunities.

“I am thrilled that our company is upgrading our capacity, which gives us plenty of growing room to maintain our trajectory over the next few years,” said Rachit Jain, a member of the senior management team at GlobalStep.

In addition to the sizable upgrade in capacity, GlobalStep has also made significant investments into the overall IT infrastructure and the quality of amenities available to the entire team.  These amenities include state of the art training facilities, larger meeting rooms, and designated recreational break rooms for team members to bond with one another.

The interiors of the space have been customized to the needs of GlobalStep, taking into account present and future business requirements.

“Managing my production area will be much simpler and more streamlined now that we have a floorplan that’s customized to our business process.  The plan makes it easier for my different groups to exchange information with one another and coordinate much more efficiently,” mentioned Rahul Patil, the operations manager of GlobalStep’s Video Analytics division.

Having been at our current premises for the last few years, and fondly remembering where we came from and how far we have travelled on this incredible journey, we believe that we have laid the foundation for the next leap of growth in the near future.  We look forward to the next phase, which we all believe will be even more exciting and rewarding than the last.

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