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COVID-19: Actions and Perspective

Dallas, United States | March 16th, 2020

Dear Colleagues and Clients,

In these tumultuous times, our thoughts and prayers go out to all our staff, our clients, our loved ones, and our communities. 

I wish to share the immediate practical measures that GlobalStep is taking to respond to the COVID-19 challenges as well as our mid to long term perspective.

Immediate Measures:

 1. Office Safety and Security:

We are acting with speed and strong intent to make our work environments the absolutely safest places in the world for our employees to work from. In order to do this, we have consulted with the leading health authorities in the world to come up with stringent and uncompromising safety and hygiene practices and requirements. We have instituted zero-tolerance policies for non-compliance to these health and safety standards.

2. Segregated Discrete Office Facilities:

We have set up our facilities as discrete work areas, to localize risk even when in the same city or the same building. We have put in practices to reduce interoffice traffic to essential management personnel. This has enabled us to create multiple localized work areas across our footprint in North America, UK and India to minimize risk, with a plan and strategy to set up more as required.

3. Contingency Global Resource Mobilization and Deployment:

We are working with our clients to put contingency plans in place to facilitate shifting work between locations if any of our locations should be temporarily compromised. There are contingency measures in place for deep sterilization of work premises.

4. Work from Home:

Where client data security and confidentiality protocols allow, we are working collaboratively with our clients to develop the appropriate work from home alternatives.

5. Video Conferencing:

We are actively substituting video conferencing for physical meetings, both with our clients as well as for global interoffice communications. We see this as a long term opportunity to not only facilitate health and safety but also as a way to contribute to a greener planet by reducing our carbon footprint.

Our Approach:

 6. Collective Collaboration:

We understand and recognize that it is going to take all of us, each and every GlobalStep team member, our clients, our supply chain ecosystem, our industry, and our communities working together collaboratively, to face and prevail over our current human challenge. 

7. Leading from the Front:

All our top management personnel are physically present and active in our facilities to lead from the front and to ensure the safety and well being of all our people.

8. Yes to Facts and Precautions, No to Panic and Hysteria:

  • We are completely committed to constantly evaluating facts and the best thinking to combat the situation, as it emerges from the best minds around the world.
  • And we are committed to adapting our approach and practices as new scientific facts and findings emerge.
  • We are equally committed to the values of trust and faith in each other and not giving in to mindless panic or hysteria in the face of adversity.

Mid to Long Term Impact:

 9. Safe Work Environments:

Safe work environments will become an active discipline of science and best practices will constantly emerge and evolve. GlobalStep shall remain on the cutting edge of adoption of safe work environment practices as they emerge.

10. Work from Home will not Fit all Requirements: 

The challenge of work place hygiene and safety cannot be ducked and will need to be solved. There are vast swathes of our economy where work from home is not an option. Some examples include - Emergency First Responders; Airports; Hospitals; Grocery Stores; Transportation – Marine, Land and Air.  Absent this our physical supply chain for delivery of goods would collapse

11. Changes to Social Norms:

  • There will be a permanent rethink of norms of how we greet each other in both professional and social situations
  • Norms and practices for social interactions will adapt and change

12. Technology:

In our industry, the understanding of data security and confidentiality needs will evolve and grow much more sophisticated to adapt to challenges.

13. Permanence and Long Term Change:

  • Events such as COVID-19 that impact large swathes of our population globally, cause a permanent shift in behavior and norms. It starts a stream of response that is ever evolving. 
  • GlobalStep is not just focusing on immediate actions and measures. Rather we are committed to positioning ourselves as a company that evaluates emerging patterns and consistently adopts the best emerging practices to support change and explore the opportunities such change may present to our clients.

 All of us at GlobalStep remain available to engage in honest pragmatic discussions, and to put our hearts and minds together to find optimal solutions for now and for the future.


Gagan Ahluwalia 

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