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COVID-19: Global Situation Update

Dallas, United States | March 23th, 2020

Dear Clients, Colleagues and Friends,

I wanted to provide you with a global COVID-19 situation update for GlobalStep.

In a concerted effort to avoid Stage 3 community transmission, the Government of India has asked for a full lockdown between now and March 31st.   The implications of India, failing to prevent a Stage 3 community transmission could be catastrophic.  So this situation is not unique to Pune but impacts the whole country of 1.2 billion people.  The entire GlobalStep team in India is working very diligently to transition work from our secure office environment to a work from home environment, wherever possible and acceptable to our clients. 

In anticipation of things potentially taking a turn for the worst, for Aldershot UK, and Montreal, we are taking a proactive approach to transition to  Work from Home wherever possible.  We will monitor the situation and be constantly evaluating the safety and feasibility of work from office when circumstances permit.   

We are working with great purpose to ensure that we have the absolute best in class Work from Home capability available to offer our clients in each of our work locations.  This involves great detail and minutia, and we are seized of it and working the details diligently.  Of course such a transition in each instance, will only be made with the full involvement and concurrence of our clients. 

We are deeply grateful to so many of our clients who are actively engaged with us in technology and process innovations to collaboratively develop  solutions that provide the optimal balance between business continuity and data security and confidentiality.  This transformation includes all platforms and all facets of the engagement management spectrum – operational, legal, financial, security.

Our approach during this crisis is to deal with the situation with transparency and honesty.  And to clearly identify  with full clarity, the differences to data confidentiality and security, in a work from home environment compared to a secure office environment.   And engage with our clients in the decision making process in a manner that you are fully informed and are in full control of what is happening. 

The threat of COVID-19 is deadly and real. We have all unfortunately experienced this in our states, cities and communities.  Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you and we wish each and every one of you and your loved ones all good health and safety during these tumultuous times.

The entire GlobalStep team is fully engaged.  Our client service personnel will be in touch with each of our clients individually to map out a business continuity approach that is a best fit for your needs.  And each one of us is fully committed to supporting you in the absolute best manner possible during these uniquely difficult times. 

Thinking of all of you and sending my heartfelt good wishes,


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