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Application Development



Every business is unique in itself so packaged application solutions, however comprehensive, may not always be able to support every aspect of business processes. That is when businesses need partners to help them with end-to-end custom application development. ​ ​


Such a need for application development may arise in a variety of business cases ranging from Legacy Transformation to Greenfield Application Development, from Third-Party Integration to Enhancements and Upgrades, from launching new platforms like mobiles to disruptive frameworks like cloud. GlobalStep leverages its rich experience in building robust business applications using the industry leading standards to transfer the benefit of efficiencies and effectiveness to the clients. We have a dedicated service line focused on application development that can build custom applications, web applications and mobile applications.


Within the video gaming industry, GlobalStep has the expertise to port games across platforms such as porting games from consoles to mobiles or PC to mobiles etc. We have a team of developers that have experience of developing games leveraging multiple game engines and can manage entire life cycle of game development. GlobalStep has a strategic partnership in place with Unity game engine and has strong experience utilizing this engine for development and other needs.


  • Leveraging from GlobalStep’s domain knowledge 

  • Improved focus on results 

  • Greater flexibility for growth 

  • Dedicated problem solving 

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