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Our Games Lab is the fastest growing independent game testing company in the world dedicated to Interactive Entertainment.


While the fundamental principles of QA remain the same, the rapid evolution of technology and the emergence of newer platforms have radically altered the technicalities of performing QA. Thanks to this rapidly shifting base, gaming companies need the support of companies that are focused on the QA of their product, so they can focus on their strengths – content generation, gaming strategy, and design.  With years of industry-leading QA experience behind us along with a team of gaming and domain experts, we are well-placed to serve the end-to-end and cross-platform gaming QA requirements, which we meet through a comprehensive service portfolio that includes:

- Functional testing 

- Localization testing

- Compatibility testing

- Certification testing 

- Custom testing 

We perform functionality tests for games releases on every console available on the market. A key part of the offerings for this platform is compliance/certification tests to check if the game adheres to the guidelines put in place by each console developer.
The most frequent gamers use the PC as one of the devices for game play. Thus, it is really necessary for publishers to ensure that the games published are able to run on a large variety of hardware combinations and supports an array of graphical drivers. We can test games across a number of configurations of Windows, OSX & Linix setups and report where issues are encountered for your games.
MMOs require a unique infrastructure to ensure real world simulation, with a large array of both released and unreleased hardware. Apart from MMOs, with a sizeable array of MACs, PCs, OSs, and browsers, we also have the environment setup to test Facebook and Web-based games, either manually or through automated means.
We've been testing on mobile before the APP store was even introduced. Constantly upgrading both our inventory of devices and the OS to match the current market, we are best placed to ensure your game works on all applicable devices / OS.
We are committed in investing in this platform and help provide QA services for the titles released on VR / AR / MR. We have access to all the latest and applicable VR devices. Safety is a top priority for us. As such we have created a hassle-free environment that allows our tester to test VR applications safely.
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