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Infrastructure Management

Most of the large to medium businesses that have survived the technology wave had implemented their legacy systems before the disruptive technologies emerged. These applications and IT infrastructure components have failed to integrate with advanced collaborative technologies of the future, so they operate in silos and require frequent human intervention. Consequently, a considerable unproductive effort is spent on supporting these dated technologies while businesses should be focusing on productive effort of enabling new business initiatives.

This is where GlobalStep can assist you by focusing on and improving your infrastructure management and freeing up your valuable time and attention towards advancing your business and strategically leveraging on the digital potential. We execute Infrastructure Management services like SaaS, which provides the client with benefits like optimized performance, higher availability, and quicker remediation.

We provide the following key Infrastructure services

  • IT Service Desk – providing a single window of optimized technical and functional support across organization
  • Datacenter Services – Securing, monitoring and optimizing data center by leveraging cloud
  • End User Computing – Customized workspace services for enhancing productivity and security across organization
  • Application Management – supporting and optimizing the application portfolio 

Business Value

  • Improved focus on strategic initiatives
  • Optimized performance of IT Infrastructure elements
  • Reduced effort and yet complete control over IT operations
  • Significant cost advantage 
  • Enhanced resource deployment to effect an improvement in service level performance
  • Multi-lingual Voice Support available for global clients
  • ITIL based processes 

Make your IT Infrastructure robust, scalable and agile.

  • IT Service Desk
  • Data Center Services
  • End User Computing Services
  • Application Management

IT Service Desk

IT support provided to business users needs to be proactive, centralized, and single window across the organization. It needs to have systems and processes in place to anticipate challenges, plug the gaps and prevent and not just cure the problems. 

Companies have come to expect centralized upgrades, security patch application, and various other functions to be handled without impacting the work of end users. The service desk must ensure faster responses and resolution to end user issues with a personal touch and cost-effective services, which can be implemented efficiently without interrupting ongoing delivery.

The industry looks upon Infrastructure Management as SaaS. GlobalStep has a varied pool of professionals certified in ITIL methodology and service desk experts who are adept at consulting and implementing service desk which acts as an efficient nodal point between service providers and end users. Our services portfolio ranges from automating to consolidating existing IT service desks and from implementing new tools to incorporating web-enabled support for organizations.

Key Services 

  • First Call Resolution
  • Incident Management
  • Catch & Dispatch
  • VIP Support
  • Configuration/Release Management

Business Value

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Higher productivity through operational excellence
  • Well planned and executed transition 

Data Center Services

Until a few years ago, business decisions were limited, if not dictated, by the capabilities of the data center, effectively constricting the potential of the businesses. As technology evolves rapidly from being a bottleneck to an enabler, this “Bottom-Up” approach is being rapidly replaced by the “Top-Down” approach wherein a robust, scalable and agile data center solution is capable of addressing most business decisions. The next generation data centers now play a key role in differentiating the products, optimizing the enterprise, integrating with vendors, clients and partners. Data centers have ceased to be just the keepers of data, servers, security and other infrastructure components. On the contrary, they are now drivers of innovation and business agility, thanks to the new wave of technology that is redefining the roles and capabilities. 

GlobalStep’s comprehensive data center services portfolio covers the full spectrum of services in line with the ITIL framework. The portfolio includes data center design, operations and modernization, managed systems and applications. We bring to the table our rich infrastructure expertise, industry leading practices and consulting mindset to not only serve the business need of application availability and security but also to optimise their processes. 

Key Services

Server Management

  • Creating virtual servers
  • Server resource monitoring
  • Patching
  • File Sharing
  • Storage management
  • Clustering/ Failover
  • Decommissioning

Database Management

  • SQL  monitoring
  • Database creation/ replication
  • Backup/ Restore
  • Log Management

Storage/ Backup Management

  • Storage/ Backup monitoring
  • Adding/removing servers from backup
  • Troubleshooting issues
  • Capacity Mgmt

Messaging & Directory Services

  • Active Directory Management – user management
  • Exchange Server Management – managing mailboxes
  • Instant Messenger management

Cloud Migration & Management

  • Office 365 management
  • Creating accounts
  • Setting up environment
  • Permission management

Business Value

  • Enhanced infrastructure efficiency
  • Improved business agility
  • Optimized operational expenses
  • Improved scalability and privacy control 

End User Computing Services

The traditional desktop and workspace based model of a typical company is changing significantly, thanks to the evolving business dynamics that are driven by the changing paradigms of availability and mobility due to the advent of disruptive technologies.

In large scale business organizations that have operations and offices across the world, it gets increasingly difficult to support the business users through a single window of support that takes care of all the computing requirements, including but not limited to consistent standard of seamless delivery and eliminating the bottleneck of desktop infrastructure with the help of latest ground-breaking technologies. 

GlobalStep’s End User Computing service offers comprehensive and industry leading solutions to businesses that help them align their technology infrastructure with disruptive technologies such as Mobility, Cloud, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), Virtualization and others. Our workplace capabilities encompass end-to-end lifecycle services including consulting, integration, support and maintenance, which collectively provide the organization and end-users with unified collaborative experience. 

Key Services

Desktop Engineering/ Virtualization/ Migration

  • Troubleshooting desktop issues
  • Installation of OS/Software/Apps
  • Patch management
  • OS migration
  • Physical to Virtual conversion
  • Cloning VMs
  • Distributed Resource Scheduling
  • ESXi Host Management

Access Provisioning & Management

  • File Services
  • Permissions on folders/drives
  • Print Services
  • Installing printers
  • Configuring printer settings
  • Mail Services
  • Web Services
  • Access to sharepoint sites/ FTP

Virtualized Desktop Infrastructure

  • Physical2Virtual (P2V) conversion
  • ESXI/HyperV host monitoring
  • Virtual instance allocation/de-allocation

Self Service Enablement

  • Password Reset portal
  • Account Unlock portal
  • Incident/Service Request logging
  • Knowledgebase

Business Value

  • Reduced cost
  • Enhanced Mobility
  • Improved end-user experience
  • Faster time-to-market 

Application Management

Having invested in a series of best in class applications that do not talk to each other, or having implemented systems that do not cater to the holistic business vision, companies are at a loss when it comes to managing these applications effectively and efficiently with an objective of focusing most of their effort and energy on business growth.

With tight budgets, IT departments are wondering how to make the application portfolio work efficiently and make its components talk to each other seamlessly while reducing the effort and resources that go behind maintaining every single application. The situation is made more complex by users now expecting all the applications to be available and running seamlessly on the devices of their choice. 

This is where GlobalStep, with its rich understanding and experience in management of applications and its underlying infrastructure, can help reduce the pressure of application management from the shoulders of the clients. Our Application Management Service is geared to provide maximum possible uptime and optimal performance of the applications on the infrastructure that holds them. 

Key Services

License Management

  • License Inventory management
  • Software Asset Management

Global L1/L2/L3 Support

  • Application Performance issues
  • Vendor co-ordination
  • Application troubleshooting

Application Performance Management

  • SharePoint Management
  • Exchange Management
  • VmWare – Resource utilization, load balancing, performance monitoring
  • Citrix – user connections, Citrix XenApp performance and uptime
  • IIS/Apache – Monitor availability, response times, certificates and service monitoring

Business Value

  • Accurate and Agile infrastructure management
  • Reduced TCOs
  • Improved ROIs
  • Optimized performance of business critical applications
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