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Support is an integral part of the gaming experience. We provide 24x7 technical support services to keep players immersed in the game.


It is becoming more important than ever for players to get the help and the answers they need so that they continue to stay engaged with the game. The studio’s top priority is to provide the best in-game experience possible but customer support cannot be overlooked as it is an integral part of the gaming overall experience. Users have a voice and are some of the most vocal customers of any industry so service is crucial to keep players immersed in the game. 


Player/Customer support is nowadays a key customer retention criteria and is a major focus areas for companies across the globe. GlobalStep has a team of expert customer support executives and an engaged leadership that brings in a lot of expertise and experience in managing the customer support function on behalf of its clients. The team enables enhanced player experience with better effectiveness, productivity, efficiency gains and cost savings through 24 x 7 multi lingual support, community or social media management,  forum moderation, app store reviews etc.

We provide 24x7,365 days of technical / customer support services to varied (B2C) business to customer and (B2B) business to business segments. We can address your helpdesk requirements with our highly skilled and proficient teams of agents and efficient services. 

Interactions with the digital customer are becoming more complex and more personalized. Customer service, which uses social media to serve customers, is rapidly becoming the new, critical channel to drive satisfaction and loyalty. GlobalStep uses technology-enabled solutions to effectively dispense social media customer service.

One of the important aspects of running a user community is making sure that the user-generated content is moderated properly. And chances are, when you have an active audience engaging with each other, you will find that some of your topics are being spammed with promotional posts and third party links. GlobalStep can help you improve and manage forums and world chat, including topic and message creation, and appointing and managing moderators. Our team can help you:

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