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Testing the functionality of the product has radically evolved from the days when it entailed getting involved at the end of the product development cycle. Testing needs to be more integrated now and work as a partnering function that closely interweaves with development. 


Internet of things, mobility solutions, social networking and ease of information availability have collectively made a plethora of options available to the customers. This has resulted in low tolerance threshold and rapid spread of news –, especially bad news. Bad user experience is now more likely to hamper brand loyalty than before, while a positive user experience is more likely to help accelerate company’s growth prospects. 

This has shifted the focus of testing and quality assurance services towards improving the user experience and making it seamless across platforms, channels, and devices. GlobalStep, with years of experience in testing, provides end-to-end testing solutions made efficient through our accelerators and effective through our refined testing strategies. 

Our services include test process consulting, end-to-end life-cycle testing, and check-point based independent testing interventions at critical milestones of product or application development cycle. We also aid in identifying opportunities to use automated test methodologies for faster go-to-market or for ensuring stability and scalability of applications through adequate performance measurement criteria.

Business Value

  • Large pool of world class testing professionals

  • Access to secure testing lab facilities

  • Expertise on mobile platforms

  • Variety of mobile devices available in labs

  • Industry specific solution accelerators 

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