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Success Stories

Success Stories

Considerably enhanced the effectiveness and performance of Service Desk

Client Profile:

Our client is a leading patient-centered research company and has been working in the life sciences and pharmaceuticals industry since the last forty years. It is among only a handful of global organizations that is capable of engaging with a patients’ complete ecosystem, their HCPs, patient communities, payers, and regulators.

Problem Statement:

  • Irregular management of ticket lifecycle
  • Non availability of stable IT resources to support infrastructure support
  • Lack of ownership within IT team
  • Higher IT support costs
  • IT focus more on management of resources than on value added service improvement plans
  • No single contact point for IT support

Solution Provided:

  • Remote Infrastructure management support introduced by setting up a team at offshore
  • Set up a 24 hour global help desk accessible from 15 different locations across the world
  • Robust transition methodology to gain experience on client systems in absence of dedicated support
  • Set up a team of system administrators for monitoring data center servers, network and back up
  • Set up a specific focus team for infrastructure improvement plans

Benefits/Value Adds:

  • Enhanced resource deployment to effect an improvement in service level performance
  • Cost savings both present and future
  • Minimization of transition risk while achieving improvement in service levels and cost savings
  • Non-English voice support for non-English speakers during European hours
  • Embarked on setting up ITIL based processes to replace unstructured processes

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